About Mr.Stockings Boots

Mr. Stockings boots have been used at the top levels of Equestrian sport in Europe for over 20 years. The boots are made with German craftsmanship using only the finest high quality industrial strength products that create long lasting, superior protection, beautiful horse boots. 

The boots are handmade in Germany and each boot is personally inspected by the creators before shipment to you. A perfect engineering feat combining automotive grade leather that is non fading and incredibly tough for the exterior, Velcro/elastic combo straps, and a unique foam interior with soft non irritating fabric lining all together produced the original Mr. Stockings equestrian sport boot. 

These boots don't hold water, won't slip, and stay on through most anything! No need for sticky tape over your boots, these thick Velcro straps have been tested time and again and are proven to stay put. 

Traditionally these boots have been used for Combined Driving sport. Because of their reliability to stay put, extreme comfort for the horse (even when competitions may have 18 kilometers to go for marathon phase!) and all around leg coverage, they are always used for the best competitors' horses. 

Combined Driving horses legs are put through a similar test as Eventing. The fitness work leading up to an event and the competition itself is extreme. During marathon phase horses will need to be booted up for sometimes nearly an hour in competition. Therefore comfort, protection, and what works best for the horses leg's is paramount. 

Eventers have also been fans of the Mr. Stockings boots. German team gold and individual Olympic gold medalist Hinrich Romeike used these boots on his legendary grey horse Marius for their cross country run around the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. 

For the first time these boots will be made easily available for purchase in the USA through this website. 

I hope you enjoy and get as much use out of these fantastic boots as I do. Enjoy and gallop on!

Best Regards,

Allison Zarembowicz 

Founder and Owner of Equestrian Imports USA 


For any questions about ordering, using, or sizing mr. stockings boots, please contact me at mrstockingsusa@gmail.com or on Facebook or Instagram at Equestrian Imports USA